Friday, July 14, 2006


My dad and I were on the phone today and he was driving and saw:

A guy with a cast on his leg on a motorcycle with the crutches packed on his bike.

Just thought it was funny.

I'm back bitches!!!

I have neglected my little blog, I know. Here is what we did in Costa Rica

My family and I just got back from Costa Rica. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Here is some of our adventures...

Day 1: Sunday - We flew from San Francisco to Dallas. In Dallas we were only supposed to have a 2 hour lay over and leave at 4 pm. At about 3 pm an employee of American Airlines comes on the loud speaker and in a little Texan accent says, " Attention all Flight 2166 passengers, your flight it going to be delayed as as a mail truck has hit the airplane and put a hole in the engine. Your flight will be delayed till 9 pm.. " She apologied for the inconvenience. WHAT??!!! How does a mail truck hit a grounded airplane on the tarmac? We board the plane at 9pm.

Day 2- We arrive in San Jose about 12:30am. We get to our hotel about 1am. Our driver Stuart is the scariest driver on earth! Anyway we fall asleep and have to wake up a 5 am to get ready for the driver to come pick us up for our full day rafting trip. On the Pacuare River we encountered class two and three rapids. We rafted to a Jungle Lodge that you can only get to by raft. We took a "short 10 min walk" that turned out to be a 45 minute hike uphill thru mud. Yikes. But we ended up at a beautiful swimming hole. We came back down and had a yummy dinner and some Guaro (sugar cane liquor).

Day 3- After breakfast (like 6am) we took a 15 minute hike to the zipline. It was one of scariest and funnest things I have done. It very much emphazied the crotches of our guides. Yummy. We took off for class 3 and 4 rapids. It was sooo fun.. I was so proud of us since none of us fell out of the raft. Well my sister's boyfriend fell out in a class 1 rapid right after a class 4. We were dropped off at a country club hotel in Limon after rafting. We swam, had dinner and drinks...We ordered a picture of margaritas and got a confused look and then got a half filled picture of margarita mix, triple sec and 5 shots of tequila. Ewwww.

Day 4- Went to Tortuguero National Park and kayaked on the Colorado River. I hate kayaking now. My sister and I decided on tandum kayaking and with the river level so high flew down the river and had a hard time keeping control of the kayak. I have scratches on my arm from where we met some branches. We stopped for lunch in the middle of the jungle and 2 little stray dogs showed up and we fed them our leftovers. The male was sooo skinny but was quite ballicious. Got to our Hotel. The river on one side and the Caribbean Ocean on the other. The Ocean was too dangerous to go in. The hotel has is own Frog sanctuary. We also saw 3 foot Iguanas, Jesus Christ lizards, and huge grasshoppers.

Day 5- We got up a 5 am and took a boat tour around the national park. We saw monkeys, river turtles, river otters, tons of birds, slothes, more iguanas.. We then went for the 2nd day of kayaking where I kayaked in my own boat. We were going upstream and I hit a current that put me into some branches and put my about 40 feet from a cayman. I paddled away just to hit another current that flipped my kakyak. The guide led me to the shore and we pulled the kayak up and dumped out the water, which led to a branch breaking and termites falling on us and in my boat. Apparently the monkeys across the way were interested in us and come across the river to check out what we were doing. Scary... We kayaked some more and then floated back down the river to the boat (my favorite part).

We were then taken to our lodge by Volcano Arenal. We got changed and took a bus to Tabacon Spa. We enjoyed the natural hot springs and some walking around. At dinner the volcano started spewing rocks and lava and we could see it from our table. It was sooo cool.. We got back to our hotel and from the hot tub we could see Arenal's show.

Day 6- We got up real early to go caving. We got there and about 10 steps into the cave came across a huge spider, a taranchula, and a crab. Then we went spelunking and climbing up limestone walls. It was soo fun. Although I slipped a little on the wall and have a huge bruise on my arm.

The back to the hotel and more swimming and volcano watching. Our pool had a swim up bar.

Day 7- More swimming.. We then get picked up to go back to San Jose. It started raining. Then the roads start overflowing with water. Then the freeways start overflowing with water and ambulances started having to rescue cars from the roads. The water was up to the bumper on the small sedans. Turns out it was a small tropical storm.

Day 8- Saddest Day- We go to the airport and pick up souveniers. Then we fly home. About 30 minute delay in Dallas.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Costa Rica

1 month till Costa Rica baby!!!! yeah!!

Pet Insurance

When I got my dog two years ago, my folks gave me 3 months of heart worm preventer for her. I havent got the prescrition refilled. I finally got it refilled today and instead of being a $35 rx it cost me $150. That was for an exam, testing for heart worm, the prescription, and 2 vaccines that were out of date. But now I know my little dog is healthy. They were concerned because she is 4 lbs overweight. Oh well. I also need to start brushing her teeth, she loves her beef flavored tooth paste.

She pooped on the floor at the vet before we left. I laughed!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sun

It is finally nice here. The sun is out and guess what? I forgot I am white. Last weekend I was out in the sun for 20 minutes with no sun screen. Uber burn the next day. This weekend I was out in my backyard reading and pulling weeds. And yesterday I went out to Sparks for some Cinco de Mayo celebrations. I am so burned today I can barely walk or sit or wear clothes. Maybe I should learn after 28 years that I have 2 colors, white and red. White doesnt hurt.

Brokeback Mountain

All I can say is yikes. The sex scene between Heath and Jake was hot. Wait I mean how gross.

The whole movie showed me that gay or straight all relationships can suck! He he...


Went and saw Mission Impossible 3. Action was good. But Tom Cruise cant act well enough for his off screen craziness to be forgotten. His expression while running (which he did throughout the whole movie) was hilarious. I had to hold my back when he ran as he looked sooo... intense...

Overall I would give it a B.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My baby sister

Now, although my baby sister is almost 18 and 4 inches taller than me, I still think of her as 4 years old. Well my little baby sister has finally decided on a college. She is going to UC Davis in the fall. Congrats to my little girl!!!!


Good Luck to housekeeper on her c-section today!

Best Lawsuit Ever

There was a story on the radio about how a woman sued her husband because he has sex with her in her sleep because she is such a deep sleeper. That is awesome!

Rats in my kitchen

Story 1: My sister and her boyfriend moved from a 2 bedroom duplex into a 1 bedroom apartment in San Fran a couple of months ago. I inherited a black leather recliner from this move. It has been sitting in my garage for the last 6 weeks or so.

Story 2: There is construction in my neighborhood that has displaced the mice in the field next to my house. They really like my garage. I have found at least 6 of them in the last several months.

This is where story 1 and 2 collide. I came home one day last week and noticed that there was mouse crap underneath the leather chair in the garage. I moved the chair to sweep up the crap and 2 mice ran into other parts of the garage. I was forced to clean out my entire garage. Mind you, my dad and I did this about 2 months prior due to the mice being there at that point. Anyway, I shook out one of the folded chairs and set it on the ground and stepped on it to make sure there were no mice in it. I opened the chair and there was a dead one in it. Yuck! I chased the other one out of the garage.

My dad came up here and found 2 more in the chair while I was at work. He vacuumed it out and put it in the house so the mice couldn't get in it anymore. OR SO HE THOUGHT!

Well, I woke up Saturday morning and a mouse was scurrying along the floor in my bedroom. After a battle with the shopvac it wasn't in my bedroom anymore. Same with the one I found in my kitchen and same for the one I found in the chair. Same for the 2nd one I found in my bedroom about an hour later. Same for the nest I found in the chair.

So there were at least 5 mice in that chair that my dad and sister inspected before bringing it the house. I still cant walk around barefoot.

Monday, March 20, 2006

You know that your ass is fat when...

you are running on the treadmill and all that hurts is your ass. At least I can run on the treadmill I guess.